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Ever notice those people in the library quietly pushing carts loaded with books?  They go from stack to stack, painstakingly locating the precise spot to reshelve returned Volunteersbooks.  These people are volunteers.  They give up their own time to perform a variety of functions at the library.  Their service frees up librarians to do jobs that are limited to staff.

We all know about funding shortfalls, budget cuts, tight economic times.  One of the ways any business cuts costs to match budget cuts is through staff reductions.  That means fewer librarians working fewer hours.  The Friends have stepped right in to help out.  We recruit volunteers. 
volunteersIn 2010 alone, the library recorded 11,467 hours of volunteer service by a total of 1,429 dedicated community members.  That represents a tremendous dollar donation to the Library.

Want to help the library but don't have the money to make a donation?  How about volunteering to help out by giving your time?  Volunteer a few hours to support the library. 

If you are interested in volunteering click here or call (541) 440-4311.

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