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Welcome to the Friends of the Library Website

Do you love books?

       Do you love libraries?

              Do you want your children to love books and libraries?  

Then team up with us. We all share a common passion. We want to ensure that the Douglas County Library System continues to be a vibrant, up-to-date resource in our community, enriching our lives in countless ways.

We are your friends, neighbors, and colleagues.

       We are housewives, business people, teenagers, retirees.

                 We are from every corner of Douglas County.

And we are making a difference.

YOU can too. Explore this site. See how we are making a difference. Learn how you too can make a difference in our library's future.

 Do you ever buy anything at  Then here's an easy way you can make a difference. Use the link below to connect to The library receives a small commission from every sale made through this link.  The library benefits.  You benefit.  And it didn't cost you a penny more.

The 2015 fall book sale!! link