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Every organization is always looking for ways to increase revenues.  The Library is no exception.  The more money available to the Library, the more services and materials it can provide to Douglas County.  Fundraising is one of the primary goals of the Friends.

Since 2000, the Fiends have raised in excess of $162,000.  Of that total sum, $118,622 has gone toward the purchase of new books for the Library.  We Make a Difference!

Increasing membership is another important goal of the Friends.  At the beginning of 2011 there were 322 members on the roles.  That represents over $2000 in annual dues.  About $500 of this amount goes toward organizational overhead of the Friends.  The two primary operational costs encountered are corporate registration fees and newsletter publication.  Virtually all other costs are donated by FOTL members.  These donations include such things as event refreshments, transportation for book donation pickups and mailings.

Throughout the entire year, the Friends solicit the donation of used books.  Books that will then be sold at one of the two annual book sales or online through Amazon.com.  The Friends have become associate partners with Amazon.com.  When customers navigate to the Amazon website via the link on the Friends' website, a small percentage of their purchase goes to the library.

And of course, there are individual monetary donations directly to the Friends.

Check out the specific ways monies are raised.  See if there isn't some way you can help.  Some way you can get involved.   Some way you can contribute to the effort.

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