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  The 2016 Christmas Book sale!!

Annual Book Sales
:   Each year the Friends organize and run two book sales.  Donated books are solicited through  publicized book drives.    Book Sale Deposit Boxes are located in each library branch.  Can't find it?  Ask the librarian.  She'll be glad to help.   Have more books than you can drop off in the box?  We can help.  Please call (541) 440-4311.
Book Sale Books
The Friends staff of volunteers examine each book to determine its marketability. Occasionally rare or very expensive books are donated.  These books are offered for sale by the Friends online at Amazon.com.  Books that are to be placed in the book sale must be priced and segregated into categories. 

The Library has graciously provided a work room at  where the donated books are housed until the actual sale.   Volunteers spend hours in preparation for these two events.

Book Sale BooksThe book sale is held in the Ford Community Room at the library.  It is a three day event.  The community support of these sales is extremely high. 

Revenues from the book sale are redirected back to the Library.  Eighty-five percent of the money is used for the purchase of new books and other needed items.  These funds are public ordinance.  The remaining fifteen percent also goes to the Library but can be used for other operating costs.

FOTL Book Store
In addition there is a Friends Bookstore in the Library.  Individual titles are available and there are bags of books for a single price.  Just drop your money in the box and enjoy.  Remember, when you have finished your books, re-donate them back to the Friends.  Funds raised by the Bookstore are given to the Library to purchase new books for your future enjoyment.  Be sure to keep visiting.  The books for sale are changed weekly.


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